Academic Structure

Students at Adesoye College are expected to complete six academic sessions before graduation. There are six grade levels and a class teacher is assigned to each arm of each grade level. The class teachers are expected to have contacts with their students every weekday during Registration and once a week during Personal Social Education (PSE).

It is the responsibility of class teachers to attend to students’ pastoral needs in class or refer them to the School’s Counseling Department on issues that can harm their academics, and then make reports to the Head of School.

Students receive their lessons in spacious, well-ventilated classrooms, fitted with necessary gadgets to aid 21st Century teaching and learning.

There are four faculties in the School: Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Languages and Arts, Faculty of Mathematics, ICT, and Technical Drawing and Faculty of Science. In each faculty, there are Heads of the departments in charge of individual subjects. Regular departmental and general faculty meetings take place once a week. Heads of Faculties, Heads of Junior and Senior Schools meet once a week with Head of school to look at students’ academic data and develop recommendations on improving educational climate through 21st Century teaching and learning.