Admission Forms into JSS1 and Midstream are available online. Entrance Examination: 21st of March, 2020 by 10.00 AM.


Adesoye College is a co-educational college founded by Chief Emmanuel Olatunji Adesoye in January 1987 to educate boys and girls from all the states of Nigeria as well as from overseas whose parents want to have the best kind of upbringing for them.

With this composition of students, the school strives to achieve an international character. The College provides science-oriented education and encourages a wide range of interests within a disciplined framework. The surrounding country offers a lot to those interested in natural history and archaeology.

The College Motto is “God the Almighty”. The College is dedicated to the Greatness of God and strives for excellence in all spheres of school life.

We aim to provide a secure setting in which the imagination can be kindled, industry rewarded and academic potential fulfilled.  We also seek to instill a spirit of service and to develop self-motivation and self-discipline as the basis for leadership at all levels.

Meet the Founder

Chief E.O Adesoye O.O.N
The Proprietor and Founder
The Legacies are standing, the Passion is Burning.

Our Mission

``To equip students with knowledge,
skills and creativity through
quality education,
moral value
and leadership development.``

Life Beyond Classroom...

The Space unreached, the gifts untapped.....
The College Motto is “God the Almighty”. The College is dedicated to the Greatness of God and strives for excellence in all spheres of school life.

Our Partners

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Our experiences



``At Adesoye College, I learnt a lot, especially from unconventional sources. Now I'm done, Not all heroes wear cape.``


Head Girl '19

These people became my family and made long-lasting friendships that I would always cherish.


Class '19

``My stay in ACO has made me a stronger person which I'm very proud of. I will surely miss my stay in ACO.``


Asst. Head Boy '19

``Woow! I never knew six years could go so fast, I have made family with people I never could possibly talk to.``