Why Choose Our School

At Adesoye College, the importance and potency of a good education is well understood and encapsulated in the school’s mission: To raise total leaders through commitment, freedom and responsibility. Adesoye College Offa is dedicated to creating a Learning Environment that is data-driven, student-focused and professionally collaborative.


  1. The college runs the National Junior and Senior Secondary programmes
  2. At the end of the sixth year, students are prepared for various external certificate examinations e.g.WAEC, JAMB, G.C.E, I.G.C.S.E, SAT&DELF (FRENCH).
  3. Adesoye College routinely place among the highest scorers in all National and International Examinations
  4. Top 10% 2013/2014 / 2015 / 2016 WAEC Nationwide
  5. JAMB result - always outstanding.
  6. 2014 / 2015- Second highest JAMB score nationwide.
  7. 2016- Highest JAMB score nationwide
  8. 96% Distinction in DELF
  9. 88% Distinction – GCE (London)
  10. 85% Distinction – IGCSE


  1. All our scores are genuine. They consistently hold up at the University.
  2. 95%of our students are keenly sought after for scholarships to further their studies in top universities across the globe.
  3. We seek to instill a spirit of service and to develop self-motivation and self-discipline as the basis for leadership at all levels.
  4. Our facilities are top notch and they are up to standards in all departments
  5. The school is highly committed to keeping students resources on the cutting edge of technology
  6. Highly effective PTA
  7. Private and Local Security personnel on site
  8. The school offers an intervention & fluency class (special unit of the mentoring and counseling department )
  9. Modern Medical Center with Professional Medical Personnel
  10. The school respects the background and beliefs of all students and staff by not promoting, or being perceived as promoting, any particular set of beliefs in preference to another.
  11. The school enforces an anti-bullying program
  12. The school attracts teachers who are knowledgeable, care about student learning, and adapt their instruction to meet the needs of their learners
  13. The school conducts group activities in moderation and in small, carefully managed groups.


  1. Qualified and experienced teachers in all subjects who are constantly up dated through seminars and workshop both locally and Internationally
  2. Serene learning environment
  3. Well Ventilated Classrooms with Interactive White Boards
  4. Well-equipped Science Laboratories
  5. Modern ICT suite
  6. Expansive Sporting facilities (Swimming pool, basketball, volley ball, Athletics, etc.)
  7. Professional coaches for all sports
  8. Private and Local Security personnel on site
  9. Well-equipped Library / Resources Room
  10. Basic Technology Workshop
  11. Excellent Boarding Facilities
  12. Food and Nutrition Room
  13. Creative Art studio
  14. Large Music Room with specialized acoustics
  15. GIS Laboratory (Digital Cartography)
  16. Modern Medical Center with Professional Medical Personnel

We don’t just accept students, we welcome families that demand for the overall development of their children.

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