Admission is strictly by merit without bias of gender, ethnic, religion or cultural background. Applicants must be at least 10 years of age to be eligible for admission.

The Procedure is as follows

  1. Obtain application forms and prospectus from designated sales centers or Apply Online
  2. Fill and return forms with all necessary documents
  3. A highly competitive entrance examination is taken.
  4. An interview is conducted for successful candidates and their parents.
  5. A letter of offer of admission is given and upon fulfilment of all conditions, admission is confirmed.

For online applicants, Please come along to the examination center with the application acknowledgement slip or the downloaded completed form with #10,000 registration fee, payable to: ADESOYE COLLEGE OFFA(GTBANK PLC. 0036642200) or (ZENITH BANK PLC. 1012027737). or Submit to the Admission Department of ACO. You can apply online. Click here to Apply Online or Download the admission form here.