The Proprietor
Chief E. O. Adesoye [OON]

The Proprietor

We are delighted that you are interested in Adesoye College.

Adesoye College is a co-educational college founded by Chief Emmanuel Olatunji Adesoye in January 1987 to educate boys and girls from all the states of Nigeria as well as from overseas whose parents want to have the best kind of upbringing for them. With this composition of students, the school strives to achieve an international character. The College provides science-oriented education and encourages a wide range of interests within a disciplined framework. The College is 1.5km from Offa town, 65km from Ilorin and 45km from Osogbo. The school site has a total of about 300 acres on high ground in the most exclusive area of Offa with a beautiful landscape. The surrounding country offers a lot to those interested in natural history and archaeology. The College Motto is “God the Almighty”. The College is dedicated to the Greatness of God and strives for excellence in all spheres of school life. We aim to provide a secure setting in which the imagination can be kindled, industry rewarded and academic potential fulfilled. We also seek to instill a spirit of service and to develop self-motivation and self-discipline as the basis for leadership at all levels. .


Here we are
In the midst of the world
Standing tall
And we are firm in our pledge
To build the nations at large

We will lead and take charge
Shining forth with our light

And in the time of the storm
We stand united as one

Oh oh oh oh Adesoye
We inspire our world
With God Almighty

Oh oh oh oh Adesoye
Excellent in all we do

Oh oh oh oh Adesoye
Excellent in all we do


Excellent in all we do


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Admission is On

Admission into JSS1, as well as into Midstream of JSS2 and SS1 for 2018/2019 academic session is on. Exam Date: 17th of February, 2018

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Dr Barney J. Wilson

The Principal

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  • Midstream admissions on!
    Admission into JSS1, 2 and SS1 for 2018/2019 academic session is in progress. Exam Date: 2nd of December, 2017